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Vision Maker Media

Growing Native Alaska: People of the North

Documentary | Shirley Sneve & Charles "Boots" kennedye

All across Alaska, Native cultures have depended on the abundant natural resources found there to support their families, cultures and way of life. Now these resources are growing scarce, and the people who have relied on them for centuries have to find new ways to adapt. 

57 minutes

Release: November 8, 2018

Expiration: November 7, 2022

Distributor: APT


About the Filmmakers

Shirley Sneve is the former executive director of Vision Maker Media. She now works as the CEO and Executive Director of Tiwahe Foundation in Minneapolis. 

Charles “Boots” Kennedye is a member of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma and for the last ten years a documentary producer for the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority. Kennedye has headed many of the major projects produced by OETA including a 100-part Oklahoma story collective Centennial Stories, winning his first of five Heartland Emmy Awards. In 2008, Kennedye was the first Oklahoman selected to attend the prestigious WGBH Producers Academy in Boston, Massachusetts and later that year honored by the National Educational Television Association with a Best-of-the-Best Award for, The People’s Art; a tour of art collections at the Oklahoma State Capitol. Other significant productions include Oklahoma WWII StoriesThe History of Oklahoma Television PioneersThe State of Creativity ProjectThe State of SequoyahThe People and the USS Oklahoman Memorial Dedication Ceremony.

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