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Kinaalda: Navajo Rite of Passage

Documentary | Lena Carr (Navajo)

A Navajo filmmaker turns the camera on herself and her family as she documents the Kinaalda, or coming of age ceremony, of her niece. Telling her own personal story, the filmmaker provides a rare insider’s look at Navajo culture and the complexities of growing up Navajo in contemporary times.

57 minutes

Release: 2000

Sande Zei

Sande Zeig directed and produced three films including the short Central Park, which premiered at Sundance in 1994, the feature The Girl, based on a short story by French writer Monique Wittig, which premiered at Toronto and Berlin, and the documentary Soul Masters: Dr. Guo & Dr. Sha, which was released in April 2008.  In 2009 the film (DVD format) will be distributed by the LA-based company Beyond Words Distribution. 

Heather Rae

Executive Producer
Heather Rae (Cherokee) has worked in some producing capacity on more than a dozen documentaries and half dozen features through her eighteen years in the film industry. She began working on Trudell in 1992, and after twelve years, the project was the creative culmination of years of work as a filmmaker and activist. For six years Rae ran the Native Program at the Sundance Institute and was a programmer for the Sundance Film Festival. After leaving Sundance in 2001 she went on to work for Winter Films as Senior Vice President of Production.