Skindigenous Season 2

13 Episodes | Jason Brennan

SKINDIGENOUS returns for its second season with 13 new episodes profiling some of the most talented Indigenous tattoo artists in the world. The adventure once again takes us deep into the world of various tribes and communities using the art of tattoo as a lens. Through this series, tattoo becomes a point of entry into our characters’ lives, their spirit and their soul. For the artists who create these works of body art and for those who call on their services, tattooing has much more than ornamental value. It is an essential part of their cultural identity, as well as a vehicle for connecting with nature, the ancestors, and the spiritual world.

30 minutes per episode

Release: April 9, 2020

Expiration: April 8, 2026

Distributor: APT

NOLA: SKIN 201-213 Base Revision 001

Rights: Six (6) releases over four (4) years beginning 1/5/2021; Multicast: Unlimited Use/4 Years.

Including 1 Year School Rerecord, Noncommercial Cable rights. Linear Live Streaming

Walt Pourier

Vice Chair

Walt is Oglala Lakota and created the logo for Urban Rez. He is Creative Director, owner of Nakota Designs Advertising Designs and Graphics. Executive Director of the Stronghold Society nonprofit dedicated to instilling hope and supporting youth movements through Live Life Call To Action Campaigns.


Program Coordinator

(Hataža Mani Winga)​

"Cinema Aficionado"

Role: Jordana is excited to engage with different Native/Indigenous communities. Her passion for working with youth will help develop the Native Youth Media Project. She will also assist with the Creative Shorts Fellowship (CSF) to help organize deliverables for filmmakers.