older than the crown

Documentary | derrick lamere

“Older Than The Crown” documents the landmark trial of Sinixt Ceremonial Hunter Rick Desautel, who in 2010 was charged with illegal hunting on tribal lands. To the Sinixt, hunting on ancestral land is an aboriginal right gifted to them by Creator. However, they have been legally denied this right since 1956, when the Canadian government unjustly declared the tribe extinct. The Sinixt’s courageous fight and legal victory becomes a pivotal precedent for other Native tribes struggling for reconciliation with their homelands, as well as an emotional recognition of a people’s right to exist.

57 minutes

Release: November 5, 2022

Expiration: November 4, 2026

Distributor: NETA

NOLA: OTTC 000000 H1

Derrick LaMere

DERRICK LAMERE is a Native American Filmmaker from Spokane Washington by way of the Colville Indian Reservation.

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