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april 1-30, 2021

Crying Earth Rise Up | 57 min

Crying Earth Rise Up tells the story of Debra White Plume and Elisha Yellow Thunder’s parallel search for answers to the question: Why are there high levels of radiation in our drinking water and how can we protect our families and community against this threat?

Red Power Energy | 56 min

From tribes mining coal, drilling oil and fracking natural gas to a coalition of tribes and individuals building sustainable wind farms and small-scale residential solar, an engrossing story emerges that showcases America’s Indigenous population reclaiming their right of self-determination.


Growing Native is a four-part series focusing on reclaiming traditional indigenous knowledge and food ways to address critical issues of health and wellness, the environment and human rights. Venture to the Pacific Northwest to capture the stories of ongoing traditions and perseverance of its original inhabitants.

Return | 28 min

RETURN: Native American Foodways for Health & Spirit is about empowering people to overcome their current circumstances through eating as their ancestors did — nutritiously and locally. RETURN explores the food-sovereignty movement occurring across the country through the stories of women championing the return to traditional food sources.

The Seven Generation River | 27 Min

Unlike many Native American tribes, The Pokagon Band of the Potawatomi Indians were never removed from their ancestral lands, but they saw their environment and way of life fractured over time. A small group of tribal citizens fought for decades to keep traditional ways alive. 

Rematriation Series: Joanne Shenandoah | 10 Min

For generations, Indigenous peoples have asked humanity to raise its consciousness for our Mother Earth. Now, Indigenous women are raising their voices to demonstrate what living in balance looks like, by sharing gifts given to them by Creation.

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