Apache 8

Apache 8


The all-women wildland firefighting crew from the White Mountain Apache Tribe has been fighting fires on the Reservation and throughout the United States for more than 30 years. With humor and tenderness, four extraordinary women from different generations of the Apache 8 crew share their personal stories.

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Educational DVD & Streaming availale at Women Make Movies
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Program Length:
57 minutes
Production Staff: Executive Producer: Heather Rae (Cherokee); Producer/Director: Sande Zeig; Producers: Dolly Hall & Victoria Westover; Director of Photography: Maryse Alberti; Co-Producers: Vicky Wight & Suzan Lazarus; Associate Producer: Pearl Harvey (White Mountain Apache);
Format: DVD & Digital Download
Public Broadcast Release: March 2011



Walt Pourier

Vice Chair

Walt is Oglala Lakota and created the logo for Urban Rez. He is Creative Director, owner of Nakota Designs Advertising Designs and Graphics. Executive Director of the Stronghold Society nonprofit dedicated to instilling hope and supporting youth movements through Live Life Call To Action Campaigns.