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Powwow Highway: The LEGO Movie

Short Animation (4 min) | Jonathan Thunder (Ojibwe)


Dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the film Powwow Highway. Artist/filmmaker Jonathan Thunder worked with Project Mezinichigejig in the Mille Lacs Lake Ojibwe community, to create the stop-motion short as part of an animation workshop. Powwow Highway The Lego Movie was created at Nay Ah Shing School with youth taking on the roles of animators, actors, co-directors and set designers. 


Jonathan Thunder (born march 1977), is Ojibwe from the Red Lake Nation in northwestern Minnesota. He was born on the Red Lake Indian Reservation and grew up in the Twin Cities. Thunder studied painting and creative writing at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM and later studied visual effects and animation at the Art Institute Int’l in Minneapolis, MN. He is known for his short, animated films, which have been featured in both national in international film festivals. Thunder has won several awards for animation, music video and experimental film categories. He has been involved in filmmaking for several years, with roles ranging from writer/director, collaborator and acting. Jonathan is also a painter who has exhibited in group exhibits as well as solo showings.