Out in the Field:

Vision Maker Media at Dream The Impossible Native American Youth Conference

Out In The Field: Vision Maker Media at Dream The Impossible Native American Youth Conference

Article by Walt Pourier (Oglala Lakota) Creative Director for Vision Maker Media marketing strategies | Photos provided by Walt Pourier

From our Vision Maker Media perspective, it seemed like anything was possible at the Dream The Impossible Native American Youth Conference on the campus of the University of California in San Diego. It had to be one of the most inspiring events I’ve seen in a while.

The conference theme “Find the courage and strength to overcome the challenges and barriers life may put in your way, and don’t be afraid to dream” was right in line with Vision Maker Media’s iNative 7G movement campaign of our Youth Media Project.

Our iNative 7G movement focus is set to help this generation of Native Youth share their voices, their elders’ voices and their tribal cultures through filmmaking and storytelling.

With the help of two veteran Native American Film Producers/Directors, Dan Golding (Quechan Indian Nation) and Cedar Sherbert (Sante Ysabel), we were able to reach out to potential Next Generation Vision Makers!

Each session was filled with passionate youth eager to learn more about how Vision Maker Media could help them to share their community experiences and individual tribal cultural perspectives through film and storytelling.

Dan shared wisdom and knowledge through his productions “Chasing Voices,” “Awaken,” and “PBS – Native America.” Cedar shared the same through his productions “Gricelda and Selena,” music video “Harpoons” by Sisu, and excerpts from his thesis “Memory.”

Leala Pourier and Charlie Perry organized Vision Maker Media’s session logistics and reached out to Native Youth through the Conference Resource Fair.

The event was a huge success and we look forward to many more youth outreach opportunities to inspire Vision Maker Media Next Generation Vision Makers!

Walt Pourier

Vice Chair

Walt is Oglala Lakota and created the logo for Urban Rez. He is Creative Director, owner of Nakota Designs Advertising Designs and Graphics. Executive Director of the Stronghold Society nonprofit dedicated to instilling hope and supporting youth movements through Live Life Call To Action Campaigns.


Project Coordinator​

(Hataža Mani Winga)​

"Cinema Aficionado"

Role: Jordana is excited to engage with different Native/Indigenous communities. Her passion for working with youth will help develop the Native Youth Media Project. She will also assist with the Creative Shorts Fellowship (CSF) to help organize deliverables for filmmakers.