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Oh Corbeau! Oh Corbeau! (Oh Crow! Oh Crow!)

Short Animation (9 min) | Pierre Garcia-Rennes


The crow thought the world was only darkness and shadows. But that was until a strange wind brought him a red feather, and his journey began. Oh Crow! Oh Crow! is a Native American tale from the Oji-Cree, of the strange feeling of growing up and becoming yourself.”


Pierre Garcia-Rennes, born on the 15th of october, 1994, in Montpellier, France. Pierre Garcia-Rennes is a 24 years old french director. He just finished the National Cinema School (ENSAV) based in Toulouse, where he practiced documentary direction. He developed his work around political, social and musical subjects, passionated by direct cinema and the collective aspect of his practice. He lived in Montreal, where he started working on the animation movie « Oh Corbeau! Oh Corbeau! ». Now living in Toulouse, he’s finishing several documentaries, one about the french student uprising during last spring («Occupé.es»), and his first feature documentary film called «Nous» .