new year, new look!

Vision Maker Media's branding transformation

Vision Maker Media is marking the new year with a visual transformation to resonate across Native country. While the foundational essence of our brand remains intact, we are enhancing its visual identity for easier recognition of the 7 programs and projects we offer to Native storytellers and public audiences.

VMM’s 2024 marketing message illuminates the experiences and aspirations of Native talent and content for all ages. The vision resounds a unified voice that speaks to the hearts and minds of Native communities, both urban and rural, as well as the broader public. The focus is on showcasing the power of Native storytelling and nurturing the next generation of Native youth storytellers. This powerful synergy is represented in VMM’s Program Circle.

All the programs stand proudly on their own, yet flow together in unity to reciprocate and empower one another. This update is about creating a visual identity and fostering a sense of community, collaboration, and shared purpose.

As Vision Maker Media steps into 2024, its revamped look is more than a cosmetic change. The Program Circle is a testament to the enduring power of Native storytelling. VMM is poised to inspire, empower, and engage Native youth and media makers through its 7 programs. Thus, establishing a collective voice that resonates for all to garner. The journey towards a new era of Native storytelling begins with a united front, and VMM can lead the way as we begin to proclaim, “TOGETHER WE ARE VISION MAKERS.” 

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Walt Pourier

Vice Chair

Walt is Oglala Lakota and created the logo for Urban Rez. He is Creative Director, owner of Nakota Designs Advertising Designs and Graphics. Executive Director of the Stronghold Society nonprofit dedicated to instilling hope and supporting youth movements through Live Life Call To Action Campaigns.


Program Coordinator

(Hataža Mani Winga)​

"Cinema Aficionado"

Role: Jordana is excited to engage with different Native/Indigenous communities. Her passion for working with youth will help develop the Native Youth Media Project. She will also assist with the Creative Shorts Fellowship (CSF) to help organize deliverables for filmmakers.