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Vision Maker Media

Vision Maker media & World Channel Present

Tribal Sovereignty and Home

November 16 - 30, 2020

A commUNITY themed online film streaming event


“Tribal Sovereignty and Home” showcases Native American topics that have long resonated within Native communities in the United States, such as Native Nation sovereignty, empowerment, history, and healing.

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RElive Our panel with experts in Native KNowledge

Vision Maker Media with support of WORLD Channel hosted “Tribal Sovereignty and Home,” a special live stream panel discussion. The panel comprises of experts in the fields of Native foster care system, environment, racial injustice, tribal sovereignty, women empowerment and native leadership. The panelists spoke about the larger context of these topics in the films, and what is currently happening in Indian country. 


Films will be available for online streaming November 16 - 30, 2020

Lake of Betrayal (57 min)

Lake of Betrayal explores the history of Kinzua Dam on the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania and its impact on the Seneca Nation of Indians. 

RUMBLE (103 min)

This feature documentary, about the role of Native Americans in popular music history, tells the story of a profound, essential, and, until now, missing chapter in the history of American music: the Indigenous influence. 

LaDonna Harris: Indian 101 (65 min)

LaDonna Harris: Indian 101 chronicles the life of Comanche activist and national civil rights leader LaDonna Harris and her influences in Native and mainstream American history. 

For the Rights of all (57 min)

For the Rights of All: Ending Jim Crow in Alaska tells the story of an extraordinary Alaskan woman who becomes an unforeseen hero in the fight for civil rights

DAWNLAND (86 min)

For decades, child welfare authorities have been removing Native American children from their homes. DAWNLAND goes behind-the-scenes as this historic body grapples with difficult truths, redefines reconciliation, and charts a new course for state and tribal relations.


Osage Murders tells the story of how the Osage became known as the wealthiest people in the world during an oil boom on their reservation and the practices used to rob them

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