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Nancy From Now On

Short Drama (20 min) | Keely Meechan (Iwi Whakatohea)


Nancy From Now On’ tells the tale of a Māori boy, named Ngaru, who has a burning desire to be a Drag Queen. He hides his passion for drag out of fear of being ousted by his conventional father and keeps his boyfriend a secret out of his own fear of being outed. But Ngaru is sick of being a back-seat driver in his own life. Ngaru’s ready to become a Queen.

Keely Meechan headshot

Keely is an emerging writer and director from Aotearoa (New Zealand). She won the Creative New Zealand Emerging Talent Award at the New Zealand International Film Festival and the Audience Choice Award at Toronto’s ImagineNATIVE film festival for her Debut short film Nancy From Now On. In both awards she was commended for her use of common societal issues in Aotearoa to tell a relatable and compelling story. She plans to continue this pattern and use film to comment on aspects of Aotearoa that are often left out of the mainstream spotlight.