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LN3: Seven Teachings of the Anishinaabe in Resistance

Documentary Short (40 min) | Suez Taylor


Predatory industry has hijacked our regulatory system, placing ancient food systems and a fifth of the world’s freshwater at risk. LN3 features Tara Houska, poet-hip hop artist ThomasX, and living-legend Winona LaDuke as they lead an alliance to take on Big Oil and their enablers at the institutional level, and on the frontlines, to stop the flow of Canadian tar sands from destroying the Mississippi Watershed; while simultaneously providing space for renewable energy. Join us in this battle for Earth.

Suez Taylor headshot

Journalist, filmmaker, and mother Suez Taylor is seventh generation from south-central ‘Wisconsin’. She currently lives in Baja, Mexico where she focuses on water harvests and regenerative food production. She started producing energy activism stories in early 2015 when she directed the short film FOOD + WATER | EARTH which debuted at the United Nations General Assembly in Fall of 2015, and appeared again during the Commission on the Status of Women, alongside Malala. Her work has appeared in National Geographic, The Progressive magazine,, Marie Claire, Ms Magazine, The Atlantic online, and so on. Her work has been supported by Honor The Earth, the Park Foundation, The Schmidt Family Foundation’s 11th Hour Project, Patagonia, The Caring Economy and others.