Ras K'dee


Ras K'dee

Musician Ras K'dee (Pomo Tribe of California) is from the San Francisco Bay area. He is also co-founder of S.N.A.G. Magazine--Seventh Native American Generation--a non-profit organization that aims to work with Native youth and their struggles.

K'dee creates opportunities for Native youth to demonstrate their creative skills through various forms of art, music and New Media. S.N.A.G. Magazine also hosts cultural events to promote Native American awareness and culture. K'dee and S.N.A.G. Magazine publish an annual issue featuring all of the past year's events and all proceeds are saved to fund the next project.

One of S.N.A.G. Magazine's accomplishments is their bio-bus--an environmentally friendly bus that runs on bio-diesel.

K'dee is the lead vocalist for Audiopharmacy--an unsigned Hip Hop collective. They have performed in venues across the globe including Germany, Japan and along the West Coast of the United States. Their music is available on MySpace and is a blend of various musical styles. Recently, Production Assistant Tobias Grant (Omaha, Dakota, Cherokee & Dineh) talked with Ras K’dee about his Pomo heritage, S.N.A.G. Magazine and Audiopharmacy.

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