Nake Nula Waun


Nake Nula Waun

Nake Nula Waun (Nah-Kay, New-Lah, Wah- OO) or NNW is a Rap/Hip-Hop group from the Rosebud Sioux Tribe in South Central South Dakota. The name Nake Nula Waun is a traditional Lakota phrase which means “I am always ready, at all times, for anything.”

This phrase was used to describe warriors before they went into battle. NNW members consist of Frank Waln, Thomas Schmidt (currently serving a bid in the Marines), Andre Easter and Kodi DeNoyer.

NNW started a buzz on the Reservation when they began performing at youth events; from there they started recording their music. In 2010, Frank Waln was awarded Best Producer by the Native American Music Awards for producing NNW’s first album titled “Scars and Bars.” He was the youngest person to win the Nammy Award. In 2011, NNW won another Nammy Award for Best Hip-Hop Recording on behalf of the same album.

NNW was motivated to compose their first album based on the group’s life experiences. In 2011, Baby Bash and Paul Wall visited the Rosebud Reservation to perform, NNW got the chance to share the stage with both Hip-Hop artists. NNW is gaining attention and continues to promote a substance free lifestyle. For more information about NNW, visit Production Assistant Tobias Grant (Omaha/Dakota/Dineh/Cherokee) talked with Frank about his group, his experience performing with Baby Bash and Paul Wall and NNW’s performance at the Native American Music Awards.

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