Martha Redbone


Martha Redbone

Martha Redbone is of the Choctaw and Shawnee Nations. She is also of African descent. When Martha was younger she learned how to play piano and also the guitar from her father.

Instead of chasing a dream of signing a big record deal, she went to art school to earn a degree. Martha was working as a graphic designer in England when music entered into her life again. Because she had a background with music, she was asked to sing backup vocals. It was during this time that she was mentored by Junie Morrison of Parliament Funkadelic. Since then, Martha's talents have taken her to the next level in music. In 2002, she won a NAMMY award for Best Debut Artist.

Aden Marshall recently spoke with Martha Redbone about her music, her upcoming album and her experience as a Native American in New York City. For more information about Martha Redbone log-on to her website at or to follow her on social networking site MySpace at

Martha is also featured in the DVD For the Generations: Native Story & Performance which can be found at

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