John Williams of Native Roots


John Williams of Native Roots

John Williams is Sisseton-Dakota and Chippewa. He started playing instruments in middle school and has since grown his musical talents to span over a wide-range of instruments. John is a founding member of the Native Reggae band Native Roots.

Today, John is active in the band as their keyboard player. Native Roots promotes unity among all people. The band has won numerous awards and their dedication to their causes, as well as the Native content and themes, have helped them stand out amongst other Reggae bands.

NAPT Production Assistant Tobias Grant (Omaha/Dakota/Cherokee/Dineh) is the nephew of John Williams and in this interview, they talk about John’s knowledge of music, the members of Native Roots and their performance at the 2011 Miss Indian World banquet in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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