Christina King and Elizabeth Castle


Christina King and Elizabeth Castle

Warrior Women, is a new documentary film from Elizabeth Castle, and Christina King (Creek/Seminole/Sac & Fox). The title is based around the story of women activists who participated in the Red Power and American Indian Movement (AIM).

Told from the perspective of long-time Lakota activist, Madonna Thunder Hawk (Two Kettle Lakota), Warrior Women traces the untold history of women's activism in the Red Power Movement, and follows Thunderhawk as she encounters the major players in events that changed the landscape of Indian Country forever.

Since the project’s inception 12 years ago, Castle has been dedicated to ensuring that the story of the “Warrior Women” is told. First by writing her masters dissertation on the subject, then by completing a book dedicated to Native women activists, and now by creating this new documentary. When asked what has inspired her work on the subject, Castle stated “it just seemed like it would be an incredible disservice if I didn't find a way to make this film that could convey the story to a much larger audience than just me.”

Brought onto the film after a coincidental meeting following a Native American Journalists Association (NAJA) conference in Minneapolis, Christina King brings film expertise to the production. Her body of work spans news, documentary, and film. After producing broadcast news in her home state of Oklahoma, King went on to associate produce the documentaries Election Day (PBS), Bad Blood, and human rights projects for the ACLU. She line-produced We Shall Remain: Tecumseh’s Vision--directed by Ric Burns and Chris Eyre (Cheyenne & Arapaho Tribe of Oklahoma), and also field produced for Michael Moore’s documentary, Capitalism: A Love Story. King is a graduate of the University of Tulsa and holds a B.A. in Film Studies and Mass Communications.

Both Castle and King hold high hopes for the film, and believe its story will touch audiences and inspire them to rekindle the fires of change. Castle hopes “that anyone, Native or non-Native will look at it (the film) and say I can be a part of that; that inspires me. I can do more than I'm doing now and I'm not ashamed about it.”

The film has been set for release in late 2014. Vision Maker Media provided funding to Warrior Women to advance media that represents the experiences, values, and cultures of American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Written by Landon Mattison.

Interviews were conducted and edited by Landon Mattison, with assistance from Rebekka Schlichting.

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