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I Am Me

Documentary Short (5 min) | Jazmine Smith (Cree)


Jazmine grew up in Flying Dust, Saskatchewan as a boy who felt out of place until discovering makeup, which helped her transition and begin her journey into womanhood. I Am Me is a story of acceptance, self-love, and jewellery

Jazmine Gladue-Smith

Jazmine Gladue-Smith grew up on Flying Dust First Nation, a Cree reserve located in North-Western Saskatchewan. She’s always had a passion for grace and style and attended beauty schools in Saskatchewan, Alberta and now British Columbia. She runs a beauty studio out of her home, Jazzyjazz Style & Beauty, which is geared towards helping transgender woman, crossdressers and drag queens. She is the eldest of three children, having a younger brother and sister, a beautiful loving, supporting mother and stepfather. Family is everything to her. She recently married her dear husband Spencer Smith in Las Vegas and moved to Vancouver, BC. The couple have two small fur babies and run an Indigenous jewelry business called Grizzly Turtle Jewelry & Art. Her future plans are to travel the world with her husband bringing beauty, jewelry and love to everyone they met.