Wapos Bay Series

Wapos Bay Series


This 6-part series is a charming and often humorous look at the contemporary life of the Cree people. Set in a fictitious community in northern Saskatchewan, the animation stories follow the exploits of young Raven, Talon and their cousin T-Bear as they face challenges and learn valuable life lessons. Educators can use the series to teach children about Cree culture and about universal themes such as honouring tradition, cooperation, self-esteem and ethics. Includes English and Cree versions.


Teamwork and cooperation can be learned at any age as Talon,T-Bear, Raven and their kohkum (grandmother) find while competing in the winter festival in "There’s No ‘I’ in Hockey" (episode 1).

Raven,T-Bear and even Jacob "Journey Through Fear" (episode 2) one step at a time with support from family members and elders.

A respectful spirituality must be observed daily to balance old ways with new in "They Dance at Night" (episode 3).

T-Bear and Raven acquire "Something to Remember" (episode 4) as they explore the full meaning of sacrifice and appreciation leading up to the Remembrance Day ceremony for the Wapos Bay community.

Taking "A Time to Learn" (episode 5) and working on the trapline have been an important part of family activity for generations.The intense preparation for a trip to the trapline offers opportunities for Talon and his mushom (grandfather) to negotiate responsibilities with care.

"The Elements" (episode 6) shows the work and effort the Wapos Bay community must perform in order to create opportunities for the youth to learn about and value their Aboriginal traditions, including finding ways to counter the pervasive influence of electronic technologies.



To order Series 1 on DVD, visit National Film Board of Canada.

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