Native Media Archives Survey

In conjunction with ATALM, we are asking Tribes, filmmakers and other collection holders to assess the state of archival media across Indian Country. Please follow the link to our short survey. Even if you don't have any media collections, we ask that you at least open the survey and indicate this.

Vision Maker Media is concerned that we are losing important documentation of Tribal history and culture due to the changing nature of media and digitization. Running a professional archive with proper storage, climate control, access and records is expensive, but there are basic steps that can be taken to prevent further damage to old media and keep it safe. With funds from the National Endowment for the Arts and the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, we have a Native Media Archives Guide that provides information on how to keep your archives safe. 


Native Media Archives Guide

With generous support from the NEA, Vision Maker Media has created a guide with instructions and examples of best practices to save your archives for future generations.

Native Media Archives Guide Website

We also have created a copy of the guide in PDF format for easier printing and copying.

Native Media Archives Guide PDF

Nebraska Native American Film Collections

Title: Nebraska Native American Film Collections 
Creator:  Vision Maker Media; Olson, Paul; Nebraska Educational Television
Dates: 1972-1990

I. Images of Indians, Vision Maker Media 
2. Paul Olson Papers, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
3. Junior League of Lincoln, Nebraska Historical Society
4. Vision Maker Media Film and Video Collection

Language: English

Restrictions: None

Copyright: To inquire about usage, please contact Vision Maker Media.

Preferred Citations: Images of Indians (1-0561.1, 1-0562.1, 1-0563.1, 1-0564.1, 1-0565.1), Vision Maker Media Archives. Paul Olson, Papers (RG/12-10-22). Archives & Special Collections, University of Nebraska–Lincoln Libraries.

Series 1: Images of Indians

Historical Note:

Images of Indians, directed by Robert Hagopian and Phil Lucas, narrated by Will Sampson. In 1979-80, Robert Hagopian and Phil Lucas produced a groundbreaking, five part series for PBS. Images of Indians examines the Hollywood stereotypes of Native people and the societal effects those portrayals had on the public's understanding of Indian history, experience, culture and participation in contemporary American life.

Item 1.  VHL 1 Shelf D The Great Movie Massacre, Program 1, 1989
Item 2.  VHL 1 Shelf D How Hollywood Wins the West, Program 2, 1989
Item 3.  VHL 1 Shelf D Warpaint and Wigs, Program 3, 1989
Item 4.  VHL 1 Shelf D Heathen Injuns and The Hollywood Gospel, Program 4, 1989
Item 5.  VHL 1 Shelf D Movie Reel Indians, Program 5, 1989

Series 2: Paul Olson Papers, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Archives and Special Collections

Biographical Note:

Paul A. Olson, professor emeritus, retired from the University of Nebraska in 2006. He taught in the Department of English and began his teaching career at the university in the 1950s. Also in 2006, Olson received the Nebraska Writing Project Carol MacDaniels Teach of the Year Award. Olson’s career focused on literary studies and rural teaching and schools. He participated in projects such as the Study Commission on Undergraduate Education and the Education of Teachers, the Nebraska Tri-University Project in Elementary Education (TTT). The Paul A. Olson Seminars, which focus on topics associated with the Great Plains, are named in his honor.

Box 1. 
Item: 1. Richard Fool Bull [last survivor of Wounded Knee], Undated
Item: 2. Richard Fool Bull [last survivor of Wounded Knee], Undated
Item: 3. Recording of Rabbit Dance Music and Dancing, Undated
Item: 4. John's narration tape--Dakota Tribe', Undated
Item: 5. Omaha Flag Song/Round Dances, Undated
Item: 6. Omaha Flag Song/Round Dances, Undated
Item: 7. Omaha Flag Song/Round Dances, Undated
Item: 8. Omaha Indian Pow Wow with Omaha Singers, Undated  Item: 9. Omaha Flag Songs, Undated 
Item: 10. Omaha Flag Songs, Undated 
Item: 11. Omaha Flag Songs, Undated
Item: 12. Vine Deloria - Ellen Yates, Undated
Item: 13. Vine Deloria - Ellen Yates, Undated
Item: 14. Ponca Stories - Pete LeClaire, Undated
Item: 15. Rosebud - Shaw's [professor] commentary on slides, Undated
Item: 16. Round Dances, Flag Songs, Undated
Item: 17. Vine Deloria at Neihardt Museum in Bancroft, Nebraska, 1982 May
Item: 18. Vine Deloria at Neihardt Museum in Bancroft, Nebraska, 1982 May
Item: 19. Treaty of Battle Mountain, Undated
Item: 20. Sitting Bull's History lesson, how Buffalo Bill used Indians in Wild West Show', Undated
Item: 21. Harold Littlebird - Laguno Pueblo Singer, Undated
Item: 22. Sitting Bull's History lesson, how Buffalo Bill used Indians in Wild West Show', Undated
Item: 23. Singing of Allen Yaetes, Undated
Item: 24. Race to Revolution slides, Undated

Box 2. 
Item: 1. American Stonehenge, Undated
Item: 2. Junior League Project, 1979
Item: 3. Junior League Filmed Winter count, 1979
Item: 4. John Fire, Undated
Item: 5. Little Britches Radio, Undated
Item: 6. Sioux Arts and Crafts - Set of Slides, Undated
Item: 7. Native American Slides, Undated
Item: 8. Omaha Tribe Slides, 1988 February
Item: 9. Omaha Tribe Slides, 1988 February
Item: 10. Omaha Tribe Slides, 1988 February
Item: 11. Slide Shows of Santee Art, Undated
Item: 12. Commercially produced tape of Navajo song, Undated
Item: 13. Edgar Monatachi, Indian MD, Undated
Item: 14. Omaha Tribe Net consortium for higher education, Undated
Item: 15. John Turner-Son of Little Chief, 1972
Item: 16. John Turner-Son of Little Chief, 1972
Item: 17. John Turner-Son of Little Chief, 1972
Item: 18. John Turner-Son of Little Chief, 1972
Item: 19. John Turner-Son of Little Chief, 1972
Item: 20. John Turner-Son of Little Chief, 1972
Item: 21. John Turner-Son of Little Chief, 1972
Item: 22. Leslie Silko's  Running on the Edge of the Rainbow, Undated
Item: 23. Contemporary Sioux Art Slides, Undated
Item: 24. Sioux Reservation, Rosebud and Others, slides made by Webster Robbins Paul Olson and Irv Goldenstein, Undated

Box 3. 
Item: 1. Junior League Indian Project, 1978
Item: 2. Santee Tribe - Paul Robertson and Edna Panitska, 1979
Item: 3. John Turner and Felix White, 1974
Item: 4. Felix White Junior League Indian Project, 1978
Item: 5. Truman Daly and Eddington Peter, Junior League Otoe Recording, 1978
Item: 6. Indian Report - Jim Kohler, Rough Rock Demonstration School, 1972
Item: 7. The Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge Film, Undated
Item: 8. Novel  Ox Bow Incident, Undated
Item: 9. Sioux Medicine Men, R. Fool Bull, John Fire, Henry Crow Dog, 1976
Item: 10. Slides about Siouz Culture, Undated
Item: 28. Felix White - Storyteller in Winnebago Tribe (moved from box 2), 1978
Item: 29. Felix White - Storyteller in Winnebago Tribe (moved from box 2), 1978
Item: 30. John Turner - Junior League Indian Project, 1979

Box 4. 
Item: 1. Tapes of the Turners – John and Suzette , 1978
Item: 2. Tapes of the Turners – John and Suzette , 1978
Item: 3. Tapes of the Turners – John and Suzette , 1978
Item: 4. Tapes of the Turners – John and Suzette , 1978
Item: 5. Santee Materials , 1979
Item: 6. Santee Materials , 1979
Item: 7. Santee Materials , 1979
Item: 8. Winnebago Art Slides, Undated
Item: 9. Winnebago Art Slides, Undated
Item: 10. Pictographic History Ogallala Sioux Tribe, Undated
Item: 11. Omaha - extra slides, 1988
Item: 11. Omaha - extra slides, 1988
Item: 12. Omaha - extra slides, 1988
Item: 13. Sundance Slides, Undated
Item: 14. Sundance Slides-3 boxes, Undated
Item: 15. Traditional and Modern Sioux Art, Undated
Item: 16. Traditional and Modern Sioux Art, Undated
Item: 17. Complete set of slides of Omaha Tribe, Art, Traditions, Earth Lodges, Cultural Tradition, Undated
Item: 18. Complete set of slides of Omaha Tribe, Art, Traditions, Earth Lodges, Cultural Tradition, Undated
Item: 19. Complete set of slides of Omaha Tribe, Art, Traditions, Earth Lodges, Cultural Tradition, Undated
Item: 20. War Dance, 1979 June 30
Item: 22. Felix White - Final Tape, Undated
Item: 23. Felix White telling stories at Indian Center, Undated
Item: 24. Slides of Santee Reservation put on videotape, Undated
Item: 25. Traditional and Modern Sioux Arts and Crafts, Undated
Item: 26. Felix White, 1983 September 1
Item: 27. Felix White at Home, Undated
Item: 28. Richard Fool Bull Reminisces - Lakota Elder, Undated
Item: 29. Richard Fool Bull Reminisces - Lakota Elder, Indian Tales, Undated
Item: 30. Richard Fool Bull Reminisces - Lakota Elder, Undated
Item: 31. Richard Fool Bull Reminisces - Lakota Elder, Undated
Item: 32. Richard Fool Bull Reminisces - Lakota Elder, Undated
Item: 33. Felix White, Undated
Item: 34. Felix White - Winnebago Oral Tradition, Undated
Item: 35. Felix White, Undated
Item: 36. Felix White - goes with the Hallow of Echoes, Undated
Item: 37. Felix White, Undated
Item: 38. Felix White, Undated
Item: 39. Felix White, Undated

Box 5. 

Item: 1. Otoe, Missouri - Junior League Project, Undated
Item: 2. Otoe, Missouri - Junior League Project, Undated
Item: 3. Otoe, Missouri - Junior League Project, Undated
Item: 4. Otoe, Missouri - Junior League Project, Undated
Item: 5. Otoe, Missouri - Junior League Project, Undated
Item: 6. Film of  The Give Away, done by students in POS class 1979
Item: 7. Otoe, Missouri - Final, Undated
Item: 8. Richard Fool Bull, 1972
Item: 9. N. Scott Momaday Talk - Alan at UNO, Way to Rainy Mountain, Undated
Item: 10. Videotape of Crow Dog, Undated
Item: 11. Tribal Historians Garland Blaine Part I, Undated
Item: 12. Tribal Historians Garland Blaine Part II - letter, Undated
Item: 13. Pawnee Tape - all Garland Blaine, 1978
Item: 14. John Niehardt - reading from  A Journey Home, Undated
Item: 15. Felix White, Undated
Item: 16. Indian Language Promotion, Undated
Item: 17. John Turner - tape, Undated
Item: 18. Ghost Dance Tragedy at Wounded Knee- audio tape with slide is missing, Undated

Box 6. 

Item: 1.  A True Story: An Oral Tradition of the Omaha, Undated
Item: 2. Joe Washington, Undated
Item: 3. Joe Washington, Undated
Item: 4. Units for Junior High School - Winnebago Tribe, Undated
Item: 5. Garland Blaine - Pawnee Junior High Unit, Undated
Item: 6. Pawnee raw tapes - 1978 Junior League, 1978
Item: 7. Pawnee raw tapes - 1978 Junior League, 1978
Item: 8. Pawnee raw tapes - 1978 Junior League, 1978
Item: 9. Pawnee raw tapes - 1978 Junior League, 1978
Item: 10. Joseph Brown - Wrote book on Black Elk, 1980
Item: 11. Otoe Recording, Undated
Item: 12. Teaching in 1979, 1979
Item: 13. The Upstican People, Undated
Item: 14. Gerald Onefeather, Undated

Box 7. 
Item: 1. Otoe Missouri Tapes, Junior League, 1978
Item: 2. Otoe Missouri Tapes, Junior League, 1978
Item: 3. Otoe Missouri Tapes, Junior League, 1978
Item: 4. Otoe Missouri Tapes, Junior League, 1978
Item: 5. Otoe Missouri Tapes, Junior League, 1978
Item: 6. Otoe Missouri Tapes, Junior League, 1978
Item: 7. Otoe Missouri Tapes, Junior League, 1978
Item: 8. Otoe Missouri Tapes, Junior League, 1978
Item: 9. Fool Bull Tape, Junior League, 1978
Item: 10. Fool Bull Tape, Junior League, 1978
Item: 11. Fool Bull Tape, Junior League, 1978
Item: 12. Fool Bull Tape, Junior League, 1978
Item: 13. Santee, Undated
Item: 14. Santee, Undated
Item: 15. Santee, Undated

Item: 16. Santee, Undated

Item: 17. Felix White 1 of 2, Undated
Item: 18. Felix White 2 of 2, Undated
Item: 19. Interview with Garland Paine, Pawnee, Undated
Item: 20. NETCHE - Reservation film, Undated
Item: 21. Interview with John Turner P.O. Class, 1974
Item: 22. John Turner, 1979

Box 8a. 

Item: 1. John Turner, Undated
Item: 2. John Turner telling an Omaha Fable, Undated
Item: 3. John Turner - Deer Woncon Stories, Undated
Item: 4. Five Hours of Edited John Turner, Undated
Item: 5. John Turner - Red Bird Stories, 1972

Box 8. 

Item: 1. Five Hours of Edited John Turner, Undated
Item: 2. Dick Cavett's show on Wounded Knee with Richard Fool Bull, Undated
Item: 3. Tape recording of Ted Hibler - Lakota Ogallala Sioux, Undated
Item: 4. Joe Washington, 1980
Item: 5. Joe Washington, 1980
Item: 6. Fool Bull, Undated
Item: 7. Joe Washington, 1980
Item: 8. Two Lectures - T.E. Mails - published books with lecture, Undated
Item: 9. T.E. Mails, Undated
Item: 10. Dr. Ed Young - Institute Lecture, 1979
Item: 11. Dr. Ed Young - Institute Lecture, 1979
Item: 12. Susan Arkeketa interviewed by Liz Grove-Smith, Undated
Item: 13. Ed May, Undated
Item: 14. Indian Institute Teacher, Undated

Box 9. 

Item: 1. Omaha tribal slides, Undated
Item: 2. Miscellaneous Tribal Slides, Undated
Item: 4. Sundance, Undated
Item: 5. Felix White telling Winnebago Stories, Undated
Item: 6. Felix White telling Winnebago Stories, Undated
Item: 7. Felix White telling Winnebago Stories, Undated
Item: 8. Felix White telling Winnebago Stories, Undated
Item: 9. Felix White telling Winnebago Stories, Undated
Item: 10. Felix White telling Winnebago Stories, Undated
Item: 11. Webster Robins, John Arbuckle, Karen Buler, Undated
Item: 12. Various 1960s and 1970s Indians speaking on Indian Rights, 1960-1980
Item: 13. Life of Omaha People-printed materials in English Department, Undated
Item: 14. Life of Omaha People-printed materials in English Department, Undated
Item: 15. Traditional and Modern Sioux Arts and Crafts- Print Materials, Undated
Item: 16. Traditional and Modern Sioux Arts and Crafts, Undated
Item: 17. Chris Chrislieh narrating a pow wow, Undated
Item: 18. M. Scott Momaday, Undated
Item: 19. M. Scott Momaday, Undated
Item: 20. M. Scott Momaday, Undated
Item: 21. Unit on Giveaway - Rosebud Filmed it, Undated
Item: 22. Unit on the Sawtee, Undated
Item: 23. Life of the Omaha People - unit, Undated
Item: 24. Life of the Omaha People - unit, Undated

Box 10. 

Item: 1. The Give Away - unit, Undated

Item: 2. Santee Unit, Undated

Item: 3. Santee Unit, Undated
Item: 4. Santee Unit, Undated
Item: 5. Santee Unit, Undated
Item: 6. Santee Unit, Undated
Item: 7. Santee Unit, Undated
Item: 8. The Give Away - unit, Undated
Item: 9. The Give Away - unit, Undated
Item: 10. The Give Away - unit, Undated
Item: 11. The Give Away - unit, Undated
Item: 12. The Give Away - unit, Undated
Item: 13. The Give Away - unit, Undated
Item: 14. The Give Away - unit, Undated
Item: 15. The Santee VHS unit, Undated
Item: 16. Miscellaneous Box of Slides, Undated
Item: 17. Traditional and Modern Sioux Arts and Crafts VHS-Ethnic Studies and National Humanities Council, Undated
Item: 18. Traditional and Modern Sioux Arts and Crafts VHS-Ethnic Studies and National Humanities Council, Undated
Item: 19. Traditional and Modern Sioux Arts and Crafts VHS-Ethnic Studies and National Humanities Council, Undated
Item: 20. Life of the Omaha VHS Unit, Undated
Item: 21. Life of the Omaha VHS Unit, Undated
Item: 22. Life of the Omaha VHS Unit, Undated
Item: 23. Slide Show - Winnebago Art and Audio Recording, Undated
Item: 24. Recording of John Turner and Felix White, Undated
Item: 25. Raw Tapes of Santee - Edna Peniska and Paul Robertson, Undated
Item: 26. Raw Tapes of Santee continued, Undated
Item: 27. John Turner - Umonhon, 90 years old, raised with Traditional Culture, Undated
Item: 28. Ted Hibler - young man in Lakota, Undated

Box 11.

Item: 1. Pictographic history of Ogallala Sioux book by Amos Bad Heart Bull, Undated
Item: 2. Winnebago Slides, Undated
Item: 3. Traditional and Modern Sioux Arts and Crafts VHS Unit, Undated
Item: 4. Traditional and Modern Sioux Arts and Crafts VHS Unit, Undated
Item: 5. Traditional and Modern Sioux Arts and Crafts VHS Unit, Undated
Item: 6. Traditional and Modern Sioux Arts and Crafts VHS Unit, Undated
Item: 7. Traditional and Modern Sioux Arts and Crafts VHS Unit, Undated
Item: 8. Traditional and Modern Sioux Arts and Crafts VHS Unit, Undated
Item: 9. Life of Omaha People VHS unit, Undated
Item: 10. Life of Omaha People VHS unit, Undated
Item: 11. The Santee Reservation VHS unit, Undated
Item: 12. The Santee Reservation VHS unit, Undated
Item: 13. The Santee Reservation VHS unit, Undated
Item: 14. The Give Away, Undated
Item: 15. The Pawnee Rough Edit, Undated
Item: 16. Liz Grobsmith-Anthropologist at UNL, Undated
Item: 17. Pawnee Elementary Unit - Garland Blaine, Undated
Item: 18. Rough edit Santee unit, Undated
Item: 19. Gerald One Feather Tribal Chairperson for Ogallala Sioux, Undated
Item: 20. William Powers - Lectured at the Institute, Undated
Item: 21. William Powers - Lectured at the Institute, Undated

Box 12. 

Item: 1. Pawnee - Junior High Pawnee tapes - rough edit, Undated
Item: 2. Karen Berman's version of Felix White', Undated
Item: 3. Long Walk of Fred Young, Undated
Item: 4. santee Tape - preliminary edit, Undated
Item: 5. NETCHE - Omaha Tribe - The People and the Family, Undated
Item: 6. Forest Spirits, Undated
Item: 7. Richard Fool Bull, Undated
Item: 8. Felix White - Winnebago Storyteller and linguist, Undated
Item: 9. Pawnee - Junior High edited tape, Undated
Item: 10. The Upstream People, Undated
Item: 11. Myrna Novaks version of Fool Bull, Undated
Item: 12. Santee Stories, Undated
Item: 13. Santee Stories, Undated
Item: 14. Felix White telling Hollow Echo Stories, Undated
Item: 15. film of the Return of the Sacred Pole - Omaha People, Undated
Item: 16. Richard Fool Bull, Undated
Item: 17. Richard Fool Bull, Undated
Item: 18. Richard Fool Bull, Undated
Item: 19. Hollis Stabler and Elmer Blackbird, 1989
Item: 20. Winnebago Oral Traditions, Undated
Item: 21. Winnebago Oral Traditions, Undated
Item: 22. Felix White, 1989
Item: 23. Felix White - Winnebago People, Undated
Item: 24. Richard Fool Bull, Undated
 Item: 25. True Story of the Oral Tradition of Omaha, Undated
Item: 26. Indian Stories about birds - Alan Yates, Undated
Item: 27. Indian Self Rule, Undated

Box 13. 

Item: 1. Santee Slide Unit 67D, Undated
Item: 2. Santee Slide Unit 67E, Undated
Item: 3. Felix White 11 and 12 Junior League, Undated
Item: 4. Felix White 15 and 16, Undated
Item: 5. Felix White 15 and 16, Undated
Item: 6. Felix White, 1989
Item: 7. M. Scott Momaday, Undated
Item: 8. Felix White - Winnebago - Hollow of Echoes - Ethnic Notions, Undated
Item: 9. Felix White NE Indian Tales, Parts 1 and 2, Undated
Item: 10. Felix White Tales - American Indian Movement , Undated
Item: 11. Felix White 4/10, Undated
Item: 12. Turner - A True Story - Oral Tradition of Omaha, Undated
Item: 13. Native American Culture in Museums and Art Centers, Undated
Item: 14. Winnebago Corn Traditions, Undated
Item: 15. Young Crow Dog - AIM Medicine Man, Undated
Item: 16. Defective Richard Fool Bull, Undated
Item: 17. Junior League - Indian Language Department, Undated
Item: 18. Unknown Miscellaneous Slides, Undated

Box 14. 

Item 1. Paper Materials and Audio Tapes, Undated

Series 3: Junior League of Lincoln, Nebraska

Historical Note: The Junior League of Lincoln, Nebraska Native American Collection was the result of a collaboration between Nebraska Educational Telecommunications and the Junior League of Lincoln. “In 1978, one of our producers, John Flower, suggested that we should preserve on film interviews with members of the four official Nebraska Native American Tribes.  We needed money to do this.  I mentioned the idea to my long-time friend Mary Howey and her colleague Lonnie Pearson who were members of the Lincoln Junior League and following  their suggestion I presented the idea to the membership of the League.  They were much taken with the idea of saving the words, wisdom, likenesses and history of many of the Tribal Elders and voted to give NET $10,000 to fund this project.  Thus, we were able to save an important part of Nebraska heritage.”   Ron Hull, Senior Advisor to NET and Professor Emeritus of Broadcasting, UNL

Item 1. RG4943 Indian Culture Project
Item 2. RG4943 Brule - Richard Fool Bull (Indian Culture Project)2 tapes
Item 3. RG4943 Brule - Richard Fool Bull (Indian Culture Project)4
Item 4. RG4943 Omaha: John and Suzette Turner (Indian Culture Project)3 tapes
Item 5. Omaha: John and Suzette Turner (Indian Culture Project)1
Item 6. RG4943 Winnebago - Felix White (Indian Culture Project)5 tapes
Item 7. RG4943 Winnebago - Felix White (Indian Culture Project)8
Item 8. RG4943 Santee: Paul Robertson, Irene Smith and Edna Peniska (Indian Culture Project)5 tapes
Item 9. RG4943 Santee: Paul Robertson, Irene Smith and Edna Peniska (Indian Culture Project)8
Item 10. RG4943Mr. Fool Bull Reminisces (Indian Culture Project)
Item 11. RG4943 Pawnee: Garland Blaine (Indian Culture Project)3 tapes
Item 12. RG4943 Pawnee: Garland Blaine (Indian Culture Project)4
Item 13. RG4943 Otoe-Missouri (Indian Culture Project) 5 tapes
Item 14. RG4943 Otoe-Missouri (Indian Culture Project)2
Item 15. RG4943 Oglala: Lydia Bluebird, Sioux Winter Count (Indian Culture Project)1 tape
Item 16. RG4943 Oglala: Lydia Bluebird, Sioux Winter Count (Indian Culture Project)1
Item 17. RG4943 Brule - Richard Fool Bull (Indian Culture Project)1
Item 18. RG4943 Brule - Richard Fool Bull (Indian Culture Project)2
Item 19. RG4943Brule - Richard Fool Bull (Indian Culture Project)3
Item 20. RG4943 Omaha: John and Suzette Turner (Indian Culture Project)5
Item 21. RG4943 Omaha: John and Suzette Turner (Indian Culture Project)4
Item 22. RG4943 Omaha: John and Suzette Turner (Indian Culture Project)3
Item 23. RG4943 Omaha: John and Suzette Turner (Indian Culture Project)2
Item 24. RG4943 Winnebago - Felix White (Indian Culture Project)3
Item 25. RG4943 Winnebago - Felix White (Indian Culture Project)2
Item 26. RG4943 Winnebago - Felix White (Indian Culture Project)1
Item 27. RG4943 Winnebago - Felix White (Indian Culture Project)4
Item 28. RG4943 Winnebago - Felix White (Indian Culture Project)5
Item 29. RG4943 Winnebago - Felix White (Indian Culture Project)6
Item 30. RG4943 Winnebago - Felix White (Indian Culture Project)9
Item 31. RG4943 Winnebago - Felix White (Indian Culture Project)7
Item 32. RG4943 Santee: Paul Robertson, Irene Smith and Edna Peniska (Indian Culture Project)6
Item 33. RG4943 Santee: Paul Robertson, Irene Smith and Edna Peniska (Indian Culture Project)2
Item 34. RG4943 Santee: Paul Robertson, Irene Smith and Edna Peniska (Indian Culture Project)3
Item 35. RG4943 Santee: Paul Robertson, Irene Smith and Edna Peniska (Indian Culture Project)4
Item 36. RG4943 Santee: Paul Robertson, Irene Smith and Edna Peniska (Indian Culture Project)9
Item 37. RG4943 Santee: Paul Robertson, Irene Smith and Edna Peniska (Indian Culture Project)5
Item 38. RG4943 Santee: Paul Robertson, Irene Smith and Edna Peniska (Indian Culture Project)1
Item 39. RG4943 Santee: Paul Robertson, Irene Smith and Edna Peniska (Indian Culture Project)7
Item 40. RG4943 Pawnee: Garland Blaine (Indian Culture Project)1
Item 41. RG4943 Pawnee: Garland Blaine (Indian Culture Project)5
Item 42. RG4943 Pawnee: Garland Blaine (Indian Culture Project)3
Item 43. RG4943 Pawnee: Garland Blaine (Indian Culture Project)2
Item 44. RG4943 Otoe-Missouri (Indian Culture Project)3
Item 45. RG4943 Otoe-Missouri (Indian Culture Project)4
Item 46. RG4943 Otoe-Missouri (Indian Culture Project)1
Item 47. RG4943 Otoe-Missouri (Indian Culture Project)9
Item 48. RG4943 Otoe-Missouri (Indian Culture Project)8
Item 49. RG4943 Otoe-Missouri (Indian Culture Project)7
Item 50. RG4943 Otoe-Missouri (Indian Culture Project)6
Item 51. RG4943 Otoe-Missouri (Indian Culture Project)5
Item 52. RG4943 Mr. Fool Bull Reminisces1 tape

Series 4: Vision Maker Media Film and Video Collection

2013-00670 Betacam SP To Brooklyn and Back
2013-00816 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) For the Rights of All
2013-00759 VHS Creation of the World  (Program 1)
2013-00763 VHS Ayekis the Frog (Program 5)
2013-00764 VHS How the Fox Earned His Name (Program 6)
2013-00762 VHS Wapoose the Rabbit (Program 4)
2013-00768 VHS Wesakechak and the First Indian People (Program 10)
2013-00769 VHS Wesakechak and the Whiskey Jack (Program 11)
2013-00765 VHS Weskechak and the Medicine (Program 7)
2013-00767 VHS Why Bees Have Stingers (Program 9)
2013-00761 VHS Why the Crow is Black (Program 3)
2013-00770 VHS Why the Rabbit Turns White (Program 12)
2013-00771 VHS The Creation of the Moon, The
2013-00818 Betacam SP To Keep A Heritage Alive (Program 1)
2013-00779 Betacam SP Woonspe: Education and the Sioux
2013-00807 HDCAM Apache 8
2013-00696 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Video Letters from Prison
2013-00806 Betacam SP Ancient Spirit, Living Word: The Oral Tradition
2013-00708 Betacam SP Voyage Home, The
2013-00832 Betacam NAPBC Open House
2013-00809 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Beyond Reservation Road
2013-00715 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Walela 
2013-00823 Betacam SP Great American Foot Race, The
2013-00734 VHS Warriors
2013-00714 Betacam SP Wabanaki: A New Dawn
2013-00693 Betacam SP Uncle Sam's Men
2013-00726 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Walking into the Unknown
2013-00694 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Up Heartbreak Hill
2013-00835 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Ron and Frank
2013-00836 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Ron and Frank
2013-00821 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Grab
2013-00686 HDCAM Twelve Days of Native Christmas
2013-00796 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Without Reservation
2013-00839 HDCAM Way of The Warrior
2013-00810 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Bob Ellis Interview
2013-00831 Betacam SP Jennifer Lawson
2013-00741 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Weaving Worlds
2013-00095 Betacam SP Art of Being Indian, The
2013-00320 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic Winnebago Tribe (Program 1)
2013-00045 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic 1,000 Years of Muscogee (Creek) Art
2013-00184 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic Folklore of the Muscogee (Creek) People
2013-00321 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic Santee (Program 2)
2013-00093 Betacam SP Apache Mountain Spirits
2013-00075 VHS Allan Houser (Program 3)
2013-00078 VHS Charles  Loloma (Program 6)
2013-00074 VHS Fritz Scholder (Program 2)
2013-00077 VHS Helen Hardin (Program 5)
2013-00260 VHS Pottery - Program 3
2013-00076 VHS R.C Gorman (Program 4)
2013-00259 VHS Painting - Program 2
2013-00476 VHS Probable Passing of Elk Creek, The
2013-00527 VHS Return of the Raven 
2013-00114 VHS Children of the Long-Beaked Bird
2013-00285 VHS Huteetl: Koyukon Memorial Potlatch
2013-00073 VHS Medicine Flower and Lonewolf (Program 1)
2013-00552 VHS Seasons of a Navajo
2013-00615 VHS Songs in Minto Life 
2013-00660 VHS Sun Dagger, The
2013-00347 VHS Live and Remember
2013-00086 Betacam SP Dan Namingha (Program 3)
2013-00084 Betacam SP Jaune Quick-To-See-Smith (Program 2)
2013-00677 VHS Trial of Standing Bear, The
2013-00293 VHS How Hollywood Wins the West
2013-00296 VHS Movie Reel Indians, The
2013-00294 VHS Warpaint and Wigs
2013-00214 VHS Gannagaro
2013-00346 VHS Legacy in Limbo
2013-00339 VHS Keep Your Heart Strong
2013-00295 VHS Heathen Injuns and The Hollywood Gopel
2013-00304 VHS American Experience: In the White Man's Image, The
2013-00242 VHS Great Plains Cultural Center: A Community Development Project, The
2013-00623 Betacam SP Segment Tape with Supers
2013-00838 Betacam SP Voyage Home: Hawai'iloa's Northwest Journey, The
2013-00630 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Identity (Program 1)
2013-00638 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Self-Determination (Program 2)
2013-00262 Betacam SP Hermen Red Elk: A Sioux Indian Painter
2013-00080 Betacam SP Amiotte
2013-00206 Betacam SP Ancestors of Those Yet Born (Program 4)
2013-00150 Betacam SP Eagle and The Condor, The
2013-00286 Betacam SP I am Different From My Brother: Dakota Name Giving
2013-00205 Betacam SP Land is Life (Program 3)
2013-00207 Betacam SP Living with Tradition (Program 5)
2013-00375 Betacam SP Miss Indian America
2013-00088 Betacam SP American as Artist: A Portrait of Bob Penn, The
2013-00210 Betacam SP Forgotten Frontier
2013-00258 Betacam SP Health Care Crisis at Rosebud
2013-00378 Betacam SP Mother Corn
2013-00391 Betacam SP Navajo 
2013-00443 Betacam SP Oscar Howe: The Sioux Painter
2013-00674 Betacam SP Tomorrow's Yesterday
2013-00146 Betacam SP Dineh: The People
2013-00355 VHS Man of Lightning
2013-00108 Betacam SP Bringing It All Back Home
2013-00211 VHS Four Corners of the Earth
2013-00328 VHS Journey to the Sky: A History of the Alabama Coushatta Indians
2013-00100 Betacam SP Beyond Reservation Road
2013-00099 Betacam SP Beginning of a New Life, The
2013-00152 Betacam SP Eagle and the Raven, The: Purification by Banishment
2013-00294 Betacam SP Huchoosedah: Traditions of the Heart
2013-00359 Betacam SP Marks of the Ancestors: Ancient Indian Rock Art of Arizona
2013-00388 Betacam SP Navajo Code Talkers
2013-00373 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic Minorities in Agriculture: The Winnebago
2013-00142 Betacam SP Dancing with Photons
2013-00372 Betacam SP Mino-Bimadiziwin: The Good Life
2013-00538 Betacam SP Rockin Warriors
2013-00065 D3 American Cowboys
2013-00337 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Keeping the Spirit Alive
2013-00559 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Seasoned with Spirit - Loretta Stand Ups II
2013-00557 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Seasoned with Spirit Sampler
2013-00735 Betacam SP Warrior in Two Worlds
2013-00335 Betacam SP Kinaalda: Navajo Rite of Passage
2013-00332 Betacam SP Kinaalda: Navajo Rite of Passage
2013-00523 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Return of Navajo Boy, The
2013-00412 Betacam SP On and Off the Res with Charlie Hill 
2013-00326 Betacam SP Jim Thorpe: The Worlds Greatest Athelte
2013-00173 VHS Fire Warriors
2013-00174 VHS Fire Warriors
2013-00301 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) In the Light of Reverence 
2013-00480 Betacam SP Pop Hunter's Dew Drop Inn
2013-00496 Betacam SP A Season of Grandmothers (Program 1) 
2013-00508 Betacam SP Awakening (Program 5)
2013-00514 Betacam SP Buffalo, Blood, Salmon, and Roots (Program 7)
2013-00499 Betacam SP Circle of Song Part 1 (Program 2)
2013-00502 Betacam SP Circle of Song Part 2 (Program 3)
2013-00196 Betacam SP Dreamers with Power Part 1 (Program 6)
2013-00197 Betacam SP Dreamers with Power Part 2 (Program 7)
2013-00466 Betacam SP Elsie Allen
2013-00253 Betacam SP Harold of Orange
2013-00464 Betacam SP Laura Somersal
2013-00517 Betacam SP Legend of the Stick Game (Program 8)
2013-00468 Betacam SP Mabel McKay
2013-00505 Betacam SP Mainstream (Program 4)
2013-00477 Betacam SP Pueblo Peoples: First Encounter
2013-00511 Betacam SP Spirit of the Wind (Program 6)
2013-00192 Betacam SP The Learning Path (Program 2)
2013-00520 Betacam SP Words of Life (Program 9)
2013-00082 Betacam SP Larry Golsh (Program 1)
2013-00165 Betacam SP Eyes of the Spirit
2013-00668 Betacam SP They Never Asked Our Fathers
2013-00212 VHS From the Outside In
2013-00706 VHS Voices from Indian Country, Fall 2002
2013-00793 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Wit, Grit & Robot Games
2013-00221 Betacam SP Gifts of Santa Fe, The
2013-00522 Betacam SP Red Road: Toward the Techno Tribal 
2013-00170 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Fire Warriors
2013-00155 Betacam SP Eagle Song
2013-00122 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Dancing on Mother Earth
2013-00190 Betacam SP Football 
2013-00611 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Songs of the Spirit
2013-00429 VHS Oneida Speak, The
2013-00348 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Looking Toward Home
2013-00431 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Oneida Speak: In Deceit, The
2013-00113 VHS Casino Nation (Work in Progress)
2013-00180 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Five Young Musicians
2013-00481 Betacam SP Race is the Place
2013-00680 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Trudell
2013-00061 Betacam SP Aleut Story
2013-00461 VHS Pensoyungkam
2013-00060 Betacam SP Aleut Story (NAPT Festival Copy)
2013-00111 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Californias Lost Tribes
2013-00407 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) The Native Word - Stand-ups
2013-00268 Betacam SP Homeland: Four Portraits of Native Action
2013-00408 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) The Native Word - Stories Past and Present
2013-00318 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Visual Effects Scenes
2013-00048 Betacam SP A Blackfeet Encounter
2013-00830 VHS Native American Marching Band Project
2013-00604 Betacam SP Silent Thunder
2013-00319 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Indian Country Diaries
2013-00664 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Teachings of the Tree People: The Work of Bruce Miller
2013-00404 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Native American Night Before Christmas
2013-00046 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) A Blackfeet Encounter
2013-00050 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) A Blackfeet Encounter
2013-00435 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Oneida Speak, The
2013-00187 HDCAM For the Rights of All
2013-00530 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) River of Renewal 
2013-00117 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Choctaw Code Talkers
2013-00622 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Story of the Choctaw Codetalkers, The
2013-00669 HDCAM Thick Dark Fog, The
2013-00487 HDCAM Racing the Rez
2013-00488 HDCAM Racing the Rez
2013-00490 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Racing the Rez
2013-00549 HDCAM Sacred Stick
2013-00384 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) My Louisiana Love
2013-00385 HDCAM My Louisiana Love
2013-00564 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) 101 Gulf Coast Originals 
2013-00572 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) 102 Cuisine of the Desert Southwest
2013-00579 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) 103 Return of the Buffalo
2013-00586 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) 104 Bounty of the River's Edge
2013-00595 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) 105 Food Upon the Water
2013-00343 Betacam SP A Karuk Creation Story
2013-00315 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) A Seat at the Drum
2013-00316 Betacam SP A Seat at the Drum
2013-00465 Betacam SP A Tribute to Three Elders
2013-00467 Betacam SP A Tribute to Three Elders
2013-00469 Betacam SP A Tribute to Three Elders
2013-00054 Betacam SP Aboriginal Architecture Living Architecture #1
2013-00053 Betacam SP Aboriginal Architecture Living Architecture #2
2013-00772 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) After the Mayflower
2013-00062 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Aleut Story Bonus Features
2013-00072 VHS Allen Houser Haozous
2013-00089 VHS American Indian Diaries: Life in the Cities
2013-00090 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic Angoon One Hundred Years Later
2013-00727 VHS Arrival, The (Program 1)
2013-00307 VHS Basketry (Program 1)
2013-00398 VHS Becoming a Warrior (Program 2)
2013-00751 VHS Becoming A Warrior (Program 5)
2013-00752 VHS Becoming A Warrior (Program 5)
2013-00105 VHS Bob Haozous: My Culture, My Art
2013-00454 VHS Boston Indian Community, The (Program 3)
2013-00811 HDCAM Bridge the Gap to Pine Ridge
2013-00396 Betacam SP Buffalo Hunt, The (Program 3)
2013-00112 VHS Casino Nation (Work in Progress)
2013-00120 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Columbus Day Legacy
2013-00121 VHS Corn Dance
2013-00119 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Creek Runs Red, The (Trailer)
2013-00755 VHS Dare, the (Program 7)
2013-00145 VHS Dew Drop Inn
2013-00148 Betacam SP Distant Voices…Thunder Voices
2013-00158 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic Earthshapers
2013-00161 Betacam SP Elizabeth Peratrovich: Birth of Civil Rights
2013-00168 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic Excavation of Mound 7
2013-00175 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Fire Warriors
2013-00186 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) For the Generations: Native Story and Performance
2013-00783 VHS Gabrielino/Tongva
2013-00213 HDCAM Games of the North 
2013-00775 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Geronimo
2013-00215 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Giant Blues, The
2013-00226 Betacam SP Grandfather Sky
2013-00243 HDCAM Growing Native - Trailor
2013-00251 VHS Hand Game
2013-00824 Betacam SP Harlan McKasato
2013-00657 VHS Healing
2013-00263 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic Hisatsinom: The Ancient Ones 
2013-00265 Betacam SP Home: Sarah Winnemucca
2013-00280 VHS Honor of All, The - Part 1
2013-00278 VHS Honor of All, The - People of Alkali Lake Part 2
2013-00279 VHS Honor of All, The - Sharing Innovations that Work Part 3
2013-00281 VHS Honor of All, The - The Story of Alkali Lake Part 1
2013-00270 Betacam SP Honorable Nations
2013-00649 Betacam SP Human Rights (Program 3)
2013-00290 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic I Will Fight No More Forever
2013-00627 Betacam SP Identity (Program 1)
2013-00303 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) In the Mix: Native American Teens
2013-00444 Betacam SP Indian Arts at the Phoenix Heard Museum: Painting - Program 2
2013-00311 Betacam SP Indian Casinos - What's Next?
2013-00312 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Indian Casinos - What's Next?
2013-00825 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Indian Country Diaries - Spiral of Fire
2013-00458 VHS Indian Experience, The (Program 6)
2013-00324 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Indians for Indians: A Radio Show
2013-00310 VHS Jewelry (Program 5)
2013-00327 VHS John Kim Bell
2013-00309 VHS Kachinas (Program 6)
2013-00340 Betacam SP Keepers of the Water
2013-00345 Betacam SP Lacrosse: The Creator's Game
2013-00827 Betacam SP LaDonna Harris
2013-00651 Betacam SP Land Rights (Program 4)
2013-00383 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Last Conquistador, The
2013-00745 VHS Learning From Others (Program2)
2013-00354 VHS Lorette Barrett Oden Demos
2013-00356 Betacam SP March Point
2013-00362 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Mauna Kea - Temple Under Siege
2013-00838 HDCAM  
2013-00366 Betacam SP Menominee
2013-00829 HDCAM Mentor
2013-00368 VHS Michael Naranjo: A New Vision
2013-00729 VHS Mountain, The (Program 3)
2013-00379 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Music from a Painted Cave
2013-00833 Betacam NAPBC Award's 
2013-00400 Betacam SP NAPT 3 Decades
2013-00448 Betacam SP Narragansetts, The (Program 4)
2013-00401 VHS Nations Within a Nation
2013-00402 VHS Native American Images
2013-00395 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic Nez Perce: Portrait of a People
2013-00353 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic Ojibwe Medicine Man
2013-00410 Betacam SP On and Off the Res with Charlie Hill 
2013-00422 Betacam SP One Heart, Many Nations: The White House Conference on Indian Education
2013-00423 VHS One Water, One Air, One Earth
2013-00433 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Oneida Speak Promos, The
2013-00441 VHS Oregon Story: Tribal Economy, The
2013-00446 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic People on the Macon Plateau
2013-00445 Betacam SP Plains Cultural Center, The
2013-00472 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Power Paths
2013-00754 VHS Preparing for the Summer Hunt (Program 6)
2013-00473 VHS Pride, Purpose, and Promises
2013-00777 Betacam SP Program Trailers
2013-00626 Betacam SP Promo
2013-00491 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Reality Show
2013-00544 VHS Rez II Series: Life Father, Like Son
2013-00534 Betacam SP Robbie Robertson Making a Noise: A Native American Muscial Journey
2013-00542 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Rocks with Wings
2013-00547 Betacam SP Sacred Buffalo People
2013-00550 Betacam Sacred Symbols, Sacred Trusts
2013-00558 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Seasoned with Spirit - Loretta Demos
2013-00606 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Singing Our Stories
2013-00610 HDCAM Smokin Fish
2013-00840 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Sousa on the Rez
2013-00841 HDCAM Sousa on the Rez
2013-00619 HDCAM Standing Bears' Footsteps
2013-00837 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Standing Silent Nation
2013-00750 VHS Storytelling (Program 4)
2013-00732 VHS Stream, The (Program 5)
2013-00658 VHS Strength of Life: Knokovtee Scott  Creek/Cherokee ShellWorker, The
2013-00659 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic Stumblingbear
2013-00661 S-VHS Surviving Columbus: The Story of the Pueblo People
2013-00773 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Tecumseh's Vision
2013-00308 VHS Textiles (Program 4)
2013-00666 VHS That One Good Spirit
2013-00781 VHS The Chumash
2013-00774 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Trail of Tears
2013-00675 VHS Treaty of 1868 Series: The Black Hills Claim
2013-00676 VHS Treaty of 1868 Series: Treaty '68
2013-00678 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Trudell
2013-00397 VHS Turning of the Child (Program 1)
2013-00747 VHS Turning of the Child (Program 3)
2013-00748 VHS Turning of the Child (Program 3)
2013-00685 VHS Turtle Shells
2013-00728 VHS Valley, The (Program 4)
2013-00698 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Vis A Vis: Native Tongues
2013-00717 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Waila!Making the People Happy
2013-00452 VHS Wampanoags of Gay Head, The (Program 2)
2013-00736 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Waterbuster
2013-00738 Betacam SP Way of the Warrior
2013-00742 Betacam SP Weaving Worlds
2013-00778 VHS We're Still Here (Episode 3)
2013-00784 VHS White Man's Way
2013-00785 Betacam SP Who Owns the Past
2013-00786 Betacam SP Who Owns the Past
2013-00788 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Who Owns the Past
2013-00801 VHS Without Reservation
2013-00728 VHS Woods, The (Program 2)
2013-00776 Betacam Digital (Digi Beta) Wounded Knee
2013-00802 Betacam SP Yuma Crossing
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