Vision Maker Festival Entry Fee Funding

Vision Maker Festival Entry Fee Funding

Vision Maker Media (VMM) can offer reimbursement of up to $500 towards film festival entry fees (as VMM’s budget allows) for your VMM funded film. Upon request, VMM can send you a list of suggested film festivals, including Native American specific festivals, for your consideration.

  • Submit the festivals that you wish to enter. VMM can advise which festivals would be a good fit for your film.
  • Let VMM know immediately of the acceptance/rejection of your film from film festivals.
  • If your film is selected, send VMM a link to the festival site, when your film is scheduled to be shown and who from your team will be attending (if applicable).
  • If available, please mail VMM a copy of the printed festival program.
  • Prior to the end of VMM’s fiscal year (September 30), please send preapproved copies festival submission receipts with a breakdown summary that reflects the total request for reimbursement. 

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