Television Network Operator

Television Network Operator

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Responsible for operating automated master control playlists, network operation, transmission, satellite and video streaming equipment. Performs scheduled switching operations for Nebraska Educational Telecommunications (NET) Media Control and/or Network Operations Center as logged, using automated playlists and manual processes. Performs video server, videotape, and optical disc operations; records and plays programming for all of NET's multi-channel broadcast television, cable, Video-On-Demand, and streaming services. Uses remote control software to operate statewide Digital TV, FM and HD radio transmitters and translators. Performs on-going system measurements for NET using waveform monitors, vectorscopes stream analyzers, and audio measurement devices. Monitor and control all auxiliary services, including but not limited to: Closed Captioning and Radio Talking Book. Responsible for control of the statewide Emergency Alert System and AMBER alerts. Other duties include satellite uplinks and coordination with the Public Broadcasting Service on their Diverse, Disaster and Maintenance System.

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