Student Newsroom and Innovation Lab - ONA19

Student Newsroom and Innovation Lab - ONA19

Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Student Newsroom and Innovation Lab immerses undergraduate and graduate college students in a digital media environment by providing hands-on experience during the three-day Online News Association conference, and including the Online Journalism Awards Ceremony and Banquet. Twenty select students will produce content and tools for the ONA19 Student Newsroom website before and during the conference under the personal guidance of professional mentors.

As part of the application, students and mentors are asked what they would like to implement as part of their role in the Student Newsroom and Innovation Lab. This innovation ranged from unexpected story ideas, to creative storytelling techniques, to new tools built by participants themselves – these are ideas that live at the intersection of content and product. We’re looking for students who want to experiment and exhibit strong problem-solving skills.

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