Native Youth and Culture Fund - First Nations Development Institute

Native Youth and Culture Fund - First Nations Development Institute

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Native Youth and Culture Fund partners with tribes, Native nonprofit organizations and Native community groups working in rural and reservation-based communities to seek ways to preserve, strengthen and/or renew Native cultures and traditions among youth.

Projects should focus on one or more of four priority areas:
-Preserving, strengthening or renewing cultural and/or spiritual practices, beliefs and values.
-Engaging both youth and elders in activities that demonstrate methods for documenting traditional knowledge, practices and/or beliefs, where culturally appropriate.
-Increasing youth leadership and their capacity to lead through integrated educational or mentoring programs.
-Increasing access to and sharing of cultural customs and beliefs through the use of appropriate technologies (traditional and/or modern), as a means of reviving or preserving tribal language, arts, history or other culturally relevant topics.

First Nations expects to award approximately 20 grants of between $5,000 and $19,500 for projects of no longer than one year in length.

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