Shadow Dancer

Watch film Film Festival Oct. 31–Nov. 6, 2022 Synopsis Shadow Dancer is a short film created during Seattle’s 48-hour horror film challenge. The film centers around a young indigenous woman who becomes sick from an unknown entity. The woman remains in a comatose state as a medicine man is called in, in hopes of healing […]

The Vampire Upstairs

Watch film Film Festival Oct. 31–Nov. 6, 2022 Synopsis The Vampire Upstairs is a horror movie made for the entire family. A brother and his little sister move into a rural country house where their neighbor upstairs is not quite what he seems. One night the siblings gather their courage and sneak up the stair […]

The Dead Can’t Dance

Watch film Film Festival Oct. 31–Nov. 6, 2022 Synopsis This zombie comedy/drama follows three Comanche men who discover they are somehow immune to a virus that’s killing everyone else and turning them into zombies with a craving for Native brains! As the men fight off the newly undead, they must put aside their differences to […]

Sister Wolves

Watch film Film Festival Oct. 10–16, 2022 Synopsis SISTER WOLVES is an 80’s nostalgia throwback animation about the fragility of love, jealousy, and consequences. The story is based on oral history from the San Poil region of the Colville Confederated Tribes. Genre: Animated, Short Theme: Youth Ben-Alex Dupris Director/Producer Ben-Alex Dupris is an enrolled member […]


Watch film Buy Now Film Festival Oct. 10 – Nov. 13, 2022 Synopsis Injunuity Injunuity is an eye-popping, mind-jolting mix of animation, music and real voices collected from interviews with Native Americans across the country to create a distinct view of modern America from a uniquely contemporary Native American perspective. Every word spoken is verbatim; […]