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The Boxers of Brule

Documentary Short (38 min) | Jessie Adler


The Boxers of Brule, a documentary short that follows 23 year old Shaionna Grass Rope as she creates a girls’ boxing team in memory of her best friend- amateur boxer Cheryl Ziegler- who she lost to suicide in January 2017. As she fights to lead the girls of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe towards a safer path, she struggles with her own past trauma and addiction.

Jessie Adler headshot

Jessie Adler is a documentary filmmaker, cinematographer and photographer. In 2014 she began working as a Human Rights Storyteller for EarthRights International, collaborating with indigenous communities in the Mekong and Amazon regions to advocate for human and environmental rights. Her dedication to using video for advocacy and empowerment lead her to the School of Visual Arts’ Social Documentary Film program, where she received an MFA in May 2018. The Boxers of Brule is her directorial debut.