SOPA and PIPA sound good, but read the fine print!

SOPA and PIPA sound good, but read the fine print!

Shirley Sneve is the Executive Director of Vision Maker Media, whose mission is to share Native stories with the world that represent the cultures, experiences, and values of American Indians and Alaska Natives.
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2012-01-18 00:00

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Who wouldn't want to be against piracy? But the legislation before Congress today, goes too far. The "Stop Online Piracy Act" and the "Protect IP Act" could fundamentally change the Internet, as we know it—limiting the openness and creativity of the Internet that our communities have fought for. Among other things, these bills could censor websites, limit innovation, and kill jobs—outcomes that our communities cannot afford. Vision Maker Media's colleagues at the Center for Media Justice offer more information, but not today--as many websites are going dark--in protest against SOPA and PIPA. Check out this link for talking points:

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