New Year, New Beginnings

New Year, New Beginnings

Brian Bull was News Director for South Dakota Public Radio, then Assistant News Director for Wisconsin Public Radio before coming to ideastream where he covers business, economics, politics, and other important stories across Northeast Ohio.

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2013-01-02 00:00

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A New Year often brings new beginnings, and 2013 is no exception for our organization.

After much review and discussion over the past year, we're now officially Vision Maker Media. We hope you're as excited for the name change as much as we are!

It's our third moniker, after being previously known as NAPT (1995) and NAPBC (1976). Many on our staff and board felt we needed a brand that was catchy yet representative of Native American values. It was also joked that with the name, "Native American Public Telecommunications," people were convinced we were selling phones or Internet services!

This transition also includes a new logo: an eagle in silhouette, captured in flight. The eagle is revered in many Native circles as a messenger, protector, and leader. Its feathers are considered sacred, and its reverence extends to modern American symbolism as well as traditional Native American spirituality.

The new logo's colors are also representative of our culture. Perhaps the deep, reddish-orange reminds you of the beautiful pipestone found in select quarries across the upper Midwest; the sprawling canyons and gulches of the Rockies and Southwest; the rugged pines of our forests or mesas; or just the rich complextion of our Native people! The turquoise reminds me of the skies over my native Idaho, and some of the waters near the Gulf...not to mention some of the great jewelry one finds in Santa Fe!

This will replace the NAPT logo which represented the four directions within a circle, yet was sometimes mistaken for crosshairs, or just confused some viewers.

Clarity, relevance, and leadership...some of the core values we at Vision Maker Media strive to bring you in our content, every day. We hope you'll embrace this new identity, and spread the word so that others in the Native and non-Native community will quickly become familiarized with it. In the meantime, I wish you well for any changes that lie ahead for you in 2013.

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