Media for Change Conference August 19, 2011

Media for Change Conference August 19, 2011

Cynthia Jeannette Gomez is an independent film producer in Albuquerque, New Mexico with Pipestone Productions.

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2011-08-25 00:00

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The workshop with Molly Murphy was excellent! -an amazing source of information and inspiration to direct great films toward powerful and meaningful social change.

While I was familiar with Working Films, I honestly didn’t know to what degree they influenced film. The workshop gave me a fuller understanding of how to design a broader, national and perhaps international campaign to move not only the film forward but creating partners by identifying shared issues and goals. Through this collaboration the film can help engage viewers and move them to specific actions through specific outlets or resources, purchasing practices, policy development and personal investment -as a few examples. This strategizes filmmaking as a medium for social change! That’s what I’m about.

Molly’s exercise was very practical and useful. The challenge was to develop a pitch addressing specific criteria to engage potential partners. I worked with another filmmaker, Melissa Henry to develop her pitch about bringing the Churro sheep back into the lives of Navajo sheep keepers. Taking all the parts of the pitch and applying it to her topic was so much easier and helped me practice and understand the structure more clearly when it came to developing my pitch. Working with Melissa on her topic, gave me the distance from my topic to then apply it more effectively. It is a great strategy for partnering on all levels and fundraising too!

I am interested in having Working Films help me develop the marketing and outreach strategy and developing the full production budget as I get closer to the end of this phase of development.

I found KNME presentation by Rose Poston to be informative yet I’m unsure of how filmmakers can effectively tie into these venues.

During the workshop and associated events the prior day, I was able to meet with other filmmakers I’ve come to know over the past few years through Vision Maker Media and NALIP and other venues, which is important to me in building my film community and network including from the previous evening, Billy Luther to at the workshop with Randy Vasquez, Dan Golding, and Michelle Danforth and new filmmakers.

The workshop provided other resources and opportunities to collaborate with Santa Fe Indian School teacher Jennifer Guerin in developing curriculum for the films I am currently working on including Without A Tribe. This collaboration provides a stronger sense of resources required to produce the curriculum as a product. I will incorporate curriculum development into my growing toolbox and explore the potential for funding; It certainly will help expand the educational market and make it user friendly in the strategy for marketing and distribution and budget.

Another filmmaker and fellow workshop attendee I connected with is Adrian Baker from Injunuity regarding illustrating, a concept I have to develop in my treatment and budget.

Great job Vision Maker Media, thanks for the opportunity!

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