A Donated Buffalo -- Thank you Ponca Tribe of Nebraska!

A Donated Buffalo -- Thank you Ponca Tribe of Nebraska!

As Director of Communications for Vision Maker Media, Susan serves as the liaison between producers, vendors and the organization.

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2012-04-19 00:00

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Recently, I was asked to help plan the cultural event for the National Congress of American Indians’ (NCAI) Annual Mid-Year Conference and Marketplace, June 17-20 in Lincoln, Neb.—Vision Maker Media’s hometown. It’s been a very exciting experience and I look forward to meeting all of the conference attendees. More importantly though, it is a chance for the community to engage with Tribal leaders and representatives from across the U.S.

As many of you already know and recall from the documentary film Good Meat, presented by Vision Maker Media, buffalo meat is not only a traditional food way, but it is very healthy—and sadly, hard to come by in many areas.

At the June 17 cultural event, we’re planning to have a feast and a traditional powwow. Chairwoman Rebecca White of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska also sits on the local planning committee with me, as well as Vision Maker Media’s Executive Director Shirley K. Sneve and many other vital members in our Lincoln/Omaha community and neighboring cities.

When we asked Chairwoman White for the donation of a buffalo, we knew it was a big request—literally. Without this donation, we wouldn’t be able to have the feast and more importantly—provide healthy food to our 800+ attendees. When she came back to say that they could make the donation and transport the processed bison meat to Lincoln, Neb., we were ecstatic. Now, our biggest challenge is finding a freezer that can hold it :-). I believe that we all looked at each other with huge smiles and started thinking about summertime BBQ, fresh soup, bison burgers and roast.

If you haven’t had the chance to meet Beau LeBeau (Oglala Lakota) of the Pine Ridge Reservation, be sure to check him out in the documentary Good Meat. In the film, LeBeau follows a traditional diet centered around buffalo meat and exercises regularly while under the supervision of a physician and nutritionist. It’s amazing what traditional, healthy food and exercise did for LeBeau and what it can do for each of us too! Looking towards summertime and the wardrobe that comes with it, I know that I’m ready to embark on a healthier diet…and exercise too. Are you?

Find out more about Good Meat and Vision Maker Media’s free online resources on a healthy lifestyle through traditional food ways!

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