Apache 8 All-Women Firefighter Crew a "First"

Apache 8 All-Women Firefighter Crew a "First"

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2012-08-21 00:00

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This month, ChristianPost.com wrote a blog about the Apache 8 all-women firefighting crew.

The more commonly known Navajo firefighters specialize in "hot spots" and extend their expertise nationwide when needed. The surprising team is the women from Fort Apache--the Apache 8 Crew, who also answer the call when needed across the U.S.

Formed in the mid-1970s, the Apache 8 Crew was elite, particularly since jobs were scarce on the Reservation. For the past 30-years, these women have put their lives on the line and left their families for days, weeks, months, to face the wildland fires that beckon their expertise and skill.

The can-do attitude and strategic mindset of these women proved in an unprecedented time that these when women--especially Native women--could perform the same work as there male counterparts and do so with pride and courage. These women soon laid fears and doubts of their abilities to rest. They could do everything the job required including the intense training, the long hikes with intense equipment weight strapped to their backs, and daily maintenance of the Reservation grounds to keep it environmentally safe.

This is just a quick highlight of what these amazing women represent for all women, Native culture, and history. To find out more, watch Apache 8 on DVD!

Read the blog post from ChristianPost.com.

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