Shirley Sneve

Shirley Sneve

Shirley Sneve directs Vision Maker Media, a nonprofit that empowers and engages Native People to share stories that represent the cultures, experiences, and values of Native Americans through Public Broadcasting.

A member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, she served as director of Arts Extension Service in Amherst, MA, and the Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science’s Visual Arts Center in Sioux Falls, SD. Shirley was assistant director for the South Dakota Arts Council, and she was a founder of Northern Plains Tribal Arts Show and the Alliance of Tribal Tourism Advocates. She started her career as a producer for South Dakota Public Broadcasting.

Shirley is secretary of the Native Americans in Philanthropy Board of Directors, and also serves on the boards of Center for People in Need, the Friends of the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center and the Arts Extension Institute. She’s a member of Lincoln Rotary Club 14.

Job Title: 
Executive Director, Vision Maker Media
Tribal Affiliation: 
Rosebud Sioux
Recent posts: 
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