A Kayak to Carry Us

Documentary | MARK BLAINE & Sven Haakanson

Learn how building a traditional Sugpiaq kayak can help maintain and invigorate a language, a culture, and a way of knowing the land and ocean. When Sugpiaq children add their knowledge and energy to the work of elders, scholars, hunters, fishermen, and boat builders in one of the most remote areas of Kodiak Island, the result is a sense of optimism and strength. Traditional knowledge and scientific ways of knowing join forces to create layers of understanding and belonging.

57 minutes

Release: December 16, 2019

Expiration: December 16, 2023

Distributor: Independent Lens

Mark Blaine

Executive Producer
MARK BLAINE is an award-winning writer, investigative reporter, and editor. His focus in the School of Journalism and Communication is on storytelling and new media, and his writing interests have recently focused on the evolution of sports and rules. Over the past five years, he has worked to develop wiki-, blog-, and content-management-based systems for basic reporting and information gathering courses.

Sven Haakanson

Executive Producer
SVEN HAAKANSON is an American anthropologist who specializes in documenting and preserving the language and culture of the Alutiiq. He served, from 2000-2013, as Executive Director of the Alutiiq Museum in Kodiak, Alaska.

Torsten Kjellstrand

Director of Photography
TORSTEN KJELLSTRAND is a Professor of Practice in the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon. While teaching, he continues a three-decade effort to tell stories that express the extraordinary in the everyday, often in communities ignored, stereotyped, or misrepresented.