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A Kayak to Carry Us: Stories in Stone

Documentary Short (7 min) | Mark Blaine


Two Sugpiaq men are in a race for time with rising waters eroding the link to the people who carved the petroglyphs on the western tip of Kodiak Island. So it was with much excitement that they spotted a few never-seen-to-them carvings on a rock that they’d passed hundreds of times.

Mark Blaine headshot

Mark Blaine worked for four years in the mid-1990s at the Asheville Citizen-Times (North Carolina) as an editor and investigative reporter. He is the author of Whitewater: The Thrill and Skill of Running the World’s Great Rivers (Black Dog and Leventhal, 2001) and was a ghost writer for To the Sea (Black Dog and Leventhal, 2000). His work has also appeared in Canoe and Kayak, Oregon Humanities, and Oregon Quarterly.